Programme: Transport Business Management
Degree awarded: Professional Bachelor's degree in Transport and Logistics
Field of study: Social Sciences
Duration: Full-time: 3 years 
Credits (ECTS) 180
Course language: Russian

Programme objective: to educate a transport business management specialist who can speak at least two foreign languages and is able to apply theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the global market of transport and logistics services. Study Programme Objectives and Learning Outcomes

You will be taught: theoretical and practical skills to use in the global market, two foreign languages, the ability to analyse data, business management efficiency, market information analysis, independent and team-oriented work.

Mathematics Transportation Law Intelligent Transportation Systems
Microeconomics Information Technologies in Transportation Warehousing and Stevedoring Logistics
Logistics Statistics Work Safety and Ergonomics
Basics of Accounting Sales Management English Language
Management Marketing Second Foreign Language
Information Technology Project management Audit, Transport Exploitation, Export Markets
Transportation Systems Passenger and Cargo Transportation Technologies Representation skills; Taxes Law
Macroeconomics Transportation Politics Insurance
Psychology Customs and Forwarding Services Sustainable Tourism
Entrepreneurship English Language Professional Language and Written Communication
English Language Second Foreign Language Supply Chain Management
Basics of Law In-company Internship Final Internship
Second Foreign Language   Final Project


You will become: as a graduate of Transport Business study programme, You will:

  • Integrate into already existing Lithuanian and international organization collectives that provide logistics services;
  • Establish your own transport company;
  • Work in cargo and passenger transportation organizing companies;
  • Work in different governmental institutions and business organizations in which professional logistics specialists are required.

Prospects for the internship/placement: transport business is one of the most successfully functioning industry branches, creating a huge impact on Lithuania‘s economic growth, therefore transport professionals who know a couple of foreign languages really well  easily  find both internship and work placements in this sector. Transport and logistics service market is global; therefore job prospects exist both in Lithuanian and foreign counties. Transport sector is a world with huge opportunities and now it is the perfect time to become a professional in this field.

Application deadline: August 15, 2017
Start date: October 2, 2017
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